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Guangzhou Twisting toys Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales . The company is located in No.31, Heting West Road, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou which has 20,000 square meters area and more than 100 Employees.The company is mainly produce capsule toy vending machines, candy vending machines, vending machines and toy capsules etc series of “Niudele”,products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia all over the world.
The company awarded the national high-tech enterprise.The products have passed the CE certification of the international alliance and have national patents, including invention, utility model, design patents and software copyrights.
We uphold the service tenet of operating with integrity, quality products, reasonable prices, and on time delivery,and we use business philosophy of quality first, service first, and reputation first to meet our customers' needs.
 We warmly welcome customers at domestic and overseas to call us, send us letters and vis

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Safety and green decoration
Safe and environmentally friendly, harmless

The product's unique manufacturing process, 100% brand-new materials, production without secondary recycled materials, direct injection molding, non-toxic and radiation-free, green environmental protection. No heavy metal elements that are harmful to the human body, and some chemicals that are harmful to human health are not used. The product has undergone all aspects of testing before leaving the factory, and can be used with confidence.


Repeat inspection layers of checks
Repeat inspection layers of checks

Each process of product production is controlled very strictly. The amount of material and the temperature required for each process are strictly controlled because the temperature is different, which can easily cause the gloss of the product surface and the toughness of the product. The employees of the injection molding workshop strictly abide by the system and maintain the cleanliness of the workshop and the material storage area. The orderly workshop is conducive to improving the qualification rate of product molding. The product has undergone repeated tests before leaving the factory. Multi-layer thickened packaging cartons with foam packaging ensure that customers can operate smoothly after receiving the product.


Category range to create a comfortable living space
International, sells everywhere

In recent years, the company has been researching and developing, innovating, pursuing product diversity and pursuing personalized customization services. Committed to the core technology and process research and development and design of the capsule machine, making the product appearance more humane, more in line with the needs of modern people's lives. In addition to winning the love of the Chinese people, the "Twist Le" series products are also sold well in Europe, America, Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia and around the world..


Excellent quality and lightweight fast
First-class quality, trustworthy

Work proactively and earnestly, increase production capacity, gain market trust with first-class quality, win customer satisfaction with high-quality services, seek enterprise development through continuous improvement, establish enterprise brand with superior management, reflect on and enlighten, protect the environment, and prevent pollution; save resources To reduce waste and full participation. Quality is the life of an enterprise, improving after-sales service quality and customer satisfaction. Adhering to the principle of operating in good faith, high-quality products, reasonable prices, and punctual delivery, we meet customer needs with the business philosophy of quality first, service first, and credit first.


There is a love called the toy pendant I gave you

There is a love called the toy pendant I gave you

There is a love called the toy pendant I gave you...



Landscape-like and profitable capsule machine

Landscape-like and profitable capsule machine...




Capsule Talker with Quality

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